The Mamaroneck Youth Hockey Association (M.Y.H.A.) is a private, non-profit, parent-run corporation founded in 1994. Boys and girls are eligible to try out for selection to our teams.

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Turn On/Off Text Message Reminders to Your Phone
You can turn on (or turn off) text message reminders to your cell phone. When turned on, you will receive a text approximately 90 minutes prior to any of your child’s games or practices and will also receive a text of any changes to your child’s schedule.
1.    Click the “Edit My Account” tab on the left-hand side of the home page.
2.    Enter your email and password. (If you do not remember your password, enter your email only. Your password will be emailed to you within five minutes.)
3.    You should then see a screen listing you and the members of your family. Select the family member who you wish to receive the text message. Note that when a child has a game, a reminder will be sent to the listed parent(s) and the child, so you can choose the mother, father, child or any combination of the above to receive the text.
4.    Enter the person’s cell phone number in the appropriate space.
5.    Select the person’s cell phone provider in the space next to the Cell Phone Number. (You can turn off the text message feature by selecting “No Text Messages” as the provider.)
6.    Click “Submit.”
7.    Repeat steps 3 through 6 for additional family members or select “Log out.”
Access Additional Contact Information for Your Child’s Team
Have you ever needed to find the phone number of one of your child’s teammates to request a carpool or simply been embarrassed because you cannot remember the name of Johnny’s mother? You can use your account to find this information. Note that this information is only available to you if your child is a rostered member of the team.
1.    Go to the “Your Team” tab along the top of the home page.
2.    Select your child’s team from the Pull Down menu.
3.    Select “Roster” from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
4.    At the bottom of the page, select “Click here to log in for full roster.”
5.    On the next page enter your email address and password.
6.    You will then see a full contact roster for your child’s team including phone numbers, addresses and parents’ names.
7.    Click on a parent’s name for additional contact information for the parent.
Add or Change an Email Address, Change Your Contact Information, Change Your Password, Add a USA Hockey Number or Control What Information about You is Available
You can update your contact information, change your password or control access to what information is available about you. Remember that:
  • Administrators and your child’s coaches can access all of the contact information that you provide to the league.
  • Nobody (including administrators) has access to your password.
  • As the default, other parents on your child’s team only can access your contact information (i.e address, email and phone numbers.) However, you can control this access.
  • If you are an administrator or coach, your phone numbers are accessible on the website to the general public to facilitate communication from parents and coaches in other towns. Each coach and administrator should have at least one publicly available phone number, but you can choose which phone number(s) (e.g. home and/or cell) are available to the public.
In order to change your information, please do the following:
1.    Click the “Edit My Account” tab on the left-hand side of the home page.
2.    Enter your email and password. (If you do not remember your password, enter your email only. Your password will be emailed to you within five minutes.)
3.    You should then see a screen listing you and the members of your family. Click on the family member for whom you wish to change/control information. (Note that there is a separate record for each player and parent. If only one parent is listed, there will be an option to add an additional parent. Though not required, it is recommended that you do so.)
4.    On the next page, you will see contact information. These fields are editable, so you may change contact information here. If you would like to add more than one email address, you may type multiple addresses into the email field separated by a comma or semi-colon. (If mom and dad have different email addresses, it is recommended that you indicate both of them on the child’s record and only one of them on the parent’s records.)
5.    If you wish to change your password, enter the new password in the “Password” and “Enter it Again” spaces.
6.    You can also control access to your contact information from this screen. Next to your address, phone numbers and email addresses are pull down menus with three options.
  1. “Private” indicates that only league administrators and coaches can see this information.
  2. “Roster” indicates that other parents on your child’s team only can see your information.
  3. “Public” is equivalent to “Roster” for non-administrators and non-coaches. For administrators and coaches “Public” indicates that your phone number will be shown on the website in either the Team Contacts or Board Contacts.Each coach and administrator should have at least one “Public” phone number to facilitate communication with parents and/or coaches from other towns. However, you can choose whether you want your home or cell phone or both to be that number.
7.    When you have made all of the desired changes, click “Submit.”
8.    Make the same changes, if required, to other family members by repeating steps 3 through 7 or click “Log out.”
Sync Your Children’s Schedules to Your Electronic Calendar
You can sync your children's schedules to the calendar on your own phone or PC or to your Google Calendar. If you do this once, any changes or additions to that schedule will be automatically updated on your calendar without any additional effort on your part. It is EASY and requires less than two minutes to complete.
1.    Start by going to the CYH schedule of one of your players.
2.    Choose the "multi-schedule" option.
3.    At the top of the next page select "Listing" (Pop-up blockers may interfere with the other options.)
4.    Select all your kids' teams and click "submit."
5.    At the top of the next page, you will see five icons: "Link to this Page," "Google Calendar," "Add iCal Event," "Download CSV," and "Print this Page."
6.    Click "Add iCal Event." This should start a process on your phone or computer that automatically links this schedule to the calendar on your device.
·         You will need to do this separately on each device.
·         I recommend doing this even if you use Google Calendar and want to complete the step below.
·         Disclaimer: I'm not 100% sure if this process is quite this easy on older versions of Outlook. However, even if the link process does not start automatically, there will be an option to add an iCal link, even in older versions. It may require you to go into Outlook and choose a menu option.
·         I find that changes show up more or less instantaneously on my calendars.
1.    Click "Google Calendar." This will give you a URL.
2.    Copy this URL.
3.    Open Google Calendar.
4.    On the left hand side of Google Calendar under "Other Calendars" choose "Add" and then "Add by URL."
5.    Paste the URL into the box provided.
·         Then Google Calendar will be automatically updated every time an event is changed or added.
·         Changes are generally reflected in a relatively short time, but not quite as instantaneously as on my device calendars.